Bō Shuì

Blue Book on Design Futures Discipline Construction

GDFNGlobal Design Futures Network

We are in a critical period of rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and transformation in the post-Anthropocene. Along with the opportunities, expectations, and crises brought about by the development of science and technology, business, society, philosophy, and education are focusing on sustainable development and the construction of future social scenarios. The design discipline is also facing change and change growth. We urgently need innovative ideas to look at times of change and more resilient approaches to pursuing a preferable future to respond to multiple uncertainties in the future.

In response to Futures Literacy, UNESCO proposed a capability that people can understand and use the future in the uncertain world. Therefore, Many overseas universities have started up Interdisciplinary methods such as Foresight and Strategetic planning.

Design Futures, an integrated discipline that combines design thinking with future thinking, focuses on exploring the impact of the short-term and long-term future on current society.

This report has been launched and edited by the Global Design Futures Network (Globe Design Futures Network) since May 2022.

Based on the curriculum or research projects established in 38 institutions or research institutions in 20 countries, the report summarizes the pedagogy, knowledge constructions, and goals of all the Design Futures Program through case surveys, in-depth interviews, and questionnaire surveys. It provides a comprehensive theoretical methodology for constructing transdisciplinary courses oriented to strategic planning objectives.

You can find the forerunner edition of this blue book here.

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