Bō Shuì

Community Tour: An Expandable Knowledge Exploration System for Urban Migrant Children

ACM-IDC'23Bo Shui, Hanyu Guo, Haoyang Li, Chufan Shi, and Xiaomei Nie

Update: Our work has been featured as a case on SOINNO HUB of PolyU.

Urban migrant children encounter difficulties in developing a sense of belonging, which compromises their living experiences and academic performance. This project introduces Community Tour, an expandable knowledge exploration system designed to assist migrant children with their extracurricular learning, and empower social workers to systematically carry out community events. A knowledge exploration interaction process has been designed to localize STEAM education with community elements through practical tasks, learning motivation, and achievements. Prototypes of interactive installation and back-end platform have been built and partial validation experiments have been conducted, with future work focusing on collaborating with communities for field testing and design iteration. The sustainability of the system lies in the potential for education on various themes, and its compatibility from urban villages to more regular communities, contributing to the child-friendly cities.

Video can be accessed here from Mainland China.


Accepted to the 22nd annual ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC'23) Conference. 🔗


Shortlist Award, Child-Friendly Design Award, Child-Friendly Expo 2023, Shenzhen
Excellent Strategy Award, Design for Social Innovation Course, Tsinghua University
Social Value Award, 2022 SDG Open Hack @Tsinghua University


SOINNO HUB, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Child-Friendly Expo 2023, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Social Innovation Regional Forum 2023, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Video Demo

The video demo of the project can be accessed from Vimeo and Bilibili.

Interaction Design

Interactive Installation in Community Public Space

Event participation and task card pickup

Task card scanning and badge pickup

Backend Platform for Social Workers

HomePage: Event Management and Overview of Topics & Engagement

Map Marker: STEAM Education Location Labeling

Event Publish: Multi-dimensional Event Creation and Preview

Task Cards and STEAM Characters

Functional areas of the task card

Task cards of different STEAM themes

STEAM characters and badges

System Framework and Service Blueprin

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